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What is GlobalBoost-Y (BSTY)?

BSTY is a digital currency that allows for fast, secure and low-cost transactions all over the world. BSTY is based on the Bitcoin protocol but offers several advantages over Bitcoin, including faster transaction times and lower fees.

GlobalBoost-Y (BSTY) Chart

Who Are the Founders of GlobalBoost-Y (BSTY)?

The GlobalBoost-Y (BSTY) project was founded by a team of experienced cryptocurrency developers and entrepreneurs. The team is led by James C. Manning, who has over 20 years of experience in the financial sector. Other members of the team include John Dolan, who has a background in software development, and Andrew Wagner, who is an experienced investor. The team is based in the United States but has members from all over the world.

GlobalBoost-Y (BSTY) Live Price

GlobalBoost (BSTY)
Rank: 3273
$ 0.019092
Price (BTC)
$ 443.14 K
$ 35.25
24h Change
Total Supply
23.20 M BSTY

What Makes GlobalBoost-Y (BSTY) unique?

GlobalBoost-Y (BSTY) is unique for several reasons. First, it is one of the only digital currencies that is backed by gold. This means that BSTY has a real value that is not based on speculation like many other digital currencies. Secondly, BSTY offers fast and secure transactions with low fees. Finally, the team behind BSTY is experienced and has a proven track record in the financial industry.

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